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Our Retro Kitchens

Retro kitchens are not for everyone, but boy they can be beautiful!

Playful, warm and sometimes colorful. Playing with colors, materials and shapes, they give any interior an interesting twist. One thing is for sure, with a retro kitchen you bring something special into your home.

They give a modern interior a boost. It accentuates the character of a 1930’s home. And what about a mansion? They bring the past into the present, in a modern and attractive way. The atmosphere of then, with the luxury of now. As far as we are concerned, a match made in heaven!

But of course you can make it as crazy as you want. An accent can already give you that subtle feeling without being too loud. For example, by adding some texture in a surprising place.

Have you become as enthusiastic about retro kitchens as we are? Get inspired by the playful and nostalgic designs!

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