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Modern meets retro in this dark oak kitchen with marble

Soft shapes and funny textures unite in this dark stained oak kitchen. Although the kitchen is equipped in every convenience and made of exclusive and modern materials, there is also a wink to the style of the olden days. This is where modern meets retro. The luxury of today with the soft shapes and warm tones of back then. The warm tones create a nostalgic feeling. While the luxurious finishes assure you that you are in a modern and luxurious environment.

The subtle shapes can be found in different elements of the kitchen. For instance, the shape of the kitchen island is organic and you will find subtle rounded corners in the marble shelves of the back wall and also in the integrated wooden handles. This creates harmony in the kitchen.

High-end details such as the continuous pattern in the marble back wall, even in the textured part, show high-quality craftsmanship. But also in the inner parts of the kitchen you will find exclusivity and even nostalgia through smoked glass and subtle LED lighting. All in all, an elegant kitchen that creates a warm and nostalgic feeling.