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Modern Meets Retro In This Dark Oak Kitchen With Marble

Soft shapes and playful lines come together in this dark stained oak wooden kitchen with textures of marble. Although the kitchen is fully equipped and consists of exclusive and modern materials, there is also a wink to the style of the past. This is where modern meets retro. Today’s luxury, with the soft shapes and warm tones the past. The warm tones create a nostalgic feeling. Its pronounced marble is a nod to the hallway of many a beautiful old canal house. While the luxurious finishes assure you that you are in a modern and exclusive environment. Both the luxury oven from Gaggenau and cooktop from Bora emphasize this.

You will find the subtle shapes in various elements of the kitchen. For example, the shape of the kitchen island is organic, but by doing this in a simplistic way you keep the minimalist look. Rounded edges can be found in the natural stone back wall. But subtle rounded corners are also found in the handles. This makes the kitchen a connected whole without being over the top. The wooden kitchen becomes fresher with the light but distinct marble. In this way, the overall picture does not become too heavy. As a result, it was possible to work with a beautiful, dark wood color. Alternating soft shapes in the kitchen with straight lines creates the retro feel.

Luxury details can be found, for example, in the pattern continuing through the marble back wall. Even the ribbed part, which shows high quality craftsmanship. But you will also find exclusivity in the interior of the kitchen. For example, the inside is also finished in wood. Here nostalgia is also brought back through smoked glass and subtle LED lighting. All in all, an elegant kitchen which creates a warm and nostalgic feeling.