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Exclusive Kitchen With Elegant Details

Although this tasteful walnut wooden kitchen feels minimalist at first sight, you will find the numerous elegant details. For example, the lighting and power points in the natural stone. Around the cooking area, a brass strip is used as a break from the natural stone quartzite. This creates, as it were, a mini kitchen island, which at first look seems to be made out of a solid piece of natural stone. It has also been played with in the wine niche. On the back wall, you will find a stone with a beautiful ribbed texture. This emphasizes the bar feeling. The exclusive and elegant details gently emphasize the refined kitchen.

The wine niche is a unique element. It contains plenty of luxurious details. Above the shelves there is an aged, bronze mirror. The lighting incorporated in the shelves makes you feel like you’re in a bar or a hotel. It invites you to grab a nice drink and make yourself comfortable. Or even better, take a seat on one of the bar stools and get served.

Another main role in this wooden kitchen is filled by the beautiful, warm walnut. A warm, but calm hue is used. The markings are subtle, but expressive. Its contrast with the quartzite makes the kitchen interesting and gives the walnut wood extra body. At the corner of both the wall and the island you will find elegant curves. This makes the kitchen elegant.

The kitchen is stylish, chic and at the same time soothing. Refined details make the exclusive kitchen come alive. This combination of unique elements and charming materials create a warm and luxurious overall picture. Gaggenau appliances complete the look. The Quooker faucet in stainless steel adds a timeless character. After all, this never goes out of style. All in all, an exclusive kitchen with elegant details.