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Walnut Wooden Kitchen In An Expressive Retro Style

Located in a canal house in our capital city, you will find this walnut wooden kitchen in an expressive retro style. It is a true living kitchen, where you can socialize and enjoy a good glass of wine at the kitchen island. Of course poured from the charming and classic wine bar.

To give a playful and spatial effect to the wine bar, we used a bronze antique mirror. This blends beautifully with the walnut wood, which creates a nice contrast.

The space is warm and cozy with a expressive retro style that gives a nostalgic feel. In this way, the walnut wooden kitchen with quartzite top, combined with sprayed fronts creates a unique look and the craftsmanship shines through in many elements.

Because different colors and patterns were used, the fresh and calm natural stone top, in combination with the stainless steel quooker faucet creates a softer effect. In addition, the island’s slats and round finishing stand out beautifully in the room