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Spray Painting

Within interiors, spray painting can have a big impact on the atmosphere. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more kitchens being given a prominent place in the home. This way, it forms a showpiece of the home and leaves its mark on the living style through different materials and colors.

Combining sprayed fronts with wood and natural stone gives a playful effect to the room. In addition, color can also make the other materials appear even better. In other words, they stand out even more. So you can create more contrast. But you can also keep it very subtle. By keeping it subtle you ensure that the attention can go to other elements or details.

With spray painting you can’t only play with colors. The degree of gloss also has a great effect. You can go for super matte, but also for high gloss. This way you can create a completely different effect with the same color. By also playing with the other materials with different gloss levels you can make the overall picture even more interesting. Or go for ton sur ton for a quiet whole. In this way, even though you work with the same materials and colors, you can still achieve a completely different look.

Given the endless possibilities within color and gloss, spray painting is incredibly versatile. It can provide a real statement. But it may not provide a quiet base just as well. Either way, you’ll always have a unique whole!

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