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Minimalistic Kitchen With Elegant Sophistication

Tasteful, minimalist and timeless: these are the terms that fit this minimalistic kitchen with elegant sophistication. The kitchen wall is minimalist by using only one and the same light shade of spray paint. Yet, there’s a playful twist to the wall due to the interplay of lines in the handles. As a result, this makes the wall far from boring. As for the kitchen furniture, it stands against a wall that is also finished in the same color. So it is completely ton-sur-ton. This was chosen to make the low part disappear against the wall, so to speak. After all, the kitchen is in a beautiful, stately mansion. It is important for the kitchen to complement this without distracting from it too much.

The light color of the walls contrasts with the oak planks. In fact, this same color of wood was used for both the high wall and the kitchen island. That line pattern is also reflected in the slats under the island. A striking feature of the kitchen is the marble top on the island. It flows into the floor like a waterfall. As a result, from some perspectives, this makes the island appear to be made of a block of marble. If you look from the living room, instead, you can see the interesting texture of oak. The natural tones and pronounced markings of natural stone give the room a warm and fine atmosphere. This kitchen is given extra finesse by some subtle details in patinated brass, such as the Quooker faucet and outlets.

The custom design was carried through to the rest of the interior. Through the kitchen door, for example, you can catch a glimpse of the pantry that matches the kitchen. Same colors and materials were used here so that both spaces blend seamlessly. As you walk further through the house, you can also see the made TV furniture. This forms a nice thread throughout the house. With the highlight, of course, being the beautiful minimalistic kitchen with elegant sophistication!