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Natural Kitchen As Centerpiece Of luxurious Interior

This natural oak wooden kitchen is part of a beautiful luxurious interior. All the rooms in the house come together, yet the interior is far from boring. An interesting combination of materials, textures and details takes place. The natural materials and shapes recur throughout, but always in a different version. In a surprising way, this gives peace. A good example is the natural stone. This comes in different types and colours, but with the same texture. Wood also comes in a variety of colours. Staying in the same palette keeps the overall look from being too busy. The structures keep recurring, as do the soft shapes. Besides the kitchen and furniture, this occurs throughout the entire home. The attention for details is noticeable and gives this interior a luxurious, exclusive yet subtle look.

If we take a closer look at the kitchen, it is partly made of a warm oak wood colour. A light quartzite top has been used for contrast. The stunning favourite Taj Mahal to be precise. The tall units come in a light colour with a soft grain texture. This way the Gaggenau ovens come into their own. Stainless steel ovens were deliberately chosen to avoid too much contrast.

Together, the materials in the kitchen form a calm and atmospheric whole. The interplay of lines can be found in several elements. This way, you will find slats under the bar, on the right side of the island and in the niche with shelves. As a counterpart to the slats, the back wall of both alcoves has been milled out that creates a subtle ribbed texture. Apart from the interplay of lines, round shapes also recur several times. The natural stone top and wooden shelves have a bullnose (round) finish. All these refined details create a unique look. The soft shapes add a warm feeling to the natural kitchen. This way, the kitchen is the icing on the cake in this beautiful, luxurious interior.