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Design kitchen with a minimalistic touch

Despite the minimalistic impression given by this walnut wooden kitchen, you will find beautiful details in this design. The beautiful marble top immediately catches the eye. This sink is made entirely of natural stone including a draining section. A real piece of craftsmanship! Different thicknesses in the worktop give a playful effect and make the kitchen extra interesting. In addition, the marble continues on both sides of the cabinet to the ground like a real waterfall. This makes the kitchen unit appear to be made entirely of natural stone from this side.The upright horizontal handle strips with the vertical intermediate uprights running to the floor create a playful yet subtle interplay of lines. Because the handles are incorporated into the wood, the kitchen continues to look calm despite all the lines. The dark stained walnut wood combined with the gray-colored natural stone creates a warm and luxurious feeling. This luxurious feeling is further emphasized by the luxurious faucet and the pitt cooking on the worktop. The kitchen is aesthetically pleasing through simplicity, nevertheless with attention to detail. The contrast between the cool marble and warm wood gives this minimalist kitchen a warm feel.