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Walnut Wood

Walnut wood may not be as well known as all-time favorite oak, but it’s at least as beautiful. With its deep, warm color, it gives a natural luxury. The markings of the wood further accentuate this feeling.

As far as we are concerned, it’s no surprise that walnut wood is totally hot. After all, it lends itself very well to a classic interior, but just as well to a minimalist kitchen. It also fits seamlessly into the current art deco trend. Whether you go for an all-wood kitchen or just use it as a detail. Walnut always gives something extra.

The markings of walnut are deep and full of contrast. Because of its warm undertone, it also provides a very nice contrast to chilly materials. Just try the combo with marble, for example, and see the magic. The cool natural stone compliments the wood beautifully. The same goes for stainless steel. The industrial steel brings out the best of walnut wood.

Scandinavian interiors are always full of wood. And walnut also lends itself very nicely to it. By working with a subtle woodwash, you get the soft atmosphere that suits it so nicely. If you pair this with soft shapes and simple lines, the picture is complete.

If you are looking for a kitchen that drips with luxury, walnut is definitely worth considering. Of all the wood types out there, it’s one of the front runners. Combine it with other fine materials, like aged brass and marble for an extra exclusive feel.

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