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Marble is a sustainable natural stone and is characterized by its unique pattern. It really comes in every color you can think of. Its markings are just as diverse. This gives a luxurious look to any interior!

Like quartzite, it combines perfectly with a variety of materials, including wood and spray paint. Any type of marble is one of a kind. In addition, it is also available in different finishes. For example, you can have it finished in polished or honed. Polished provides a glossy finish which can add a chic touch to it. In addition, this gives a slightly better protection against stains. In contrast, honed actually gives a matte finish, which in turn provides a refined and elegant look!

Some people are afraid to use marble. It also needs a little more attention than some other materials, but on the other hand, those are often nothing compared to the beautiful look of this natural stone. On the other hand, with the right care, you can enjoy it for a very long time. And one 1 thing you know for sure, no one has the same surface as you if you go for marble.

Within marble, some types are harder than others. Because of this, there are also kinds that can be used perfectly fine in your kitchen. As long as you take some care of it or can appreciate the vibrancy of the material.

Marble may come across as cold, but when used in combination with different natural materials, it creates a nice and warm contrast. It accentuates the warmth of wood like no other. It also matches well with metals such as stainless steel & brass. Many people quickly think of white marble with dark veins, but it also comes in a variety of warm tones. So it gives any interior a trendy look with a modern twist!

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