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Natural Stone

A few natural materials comes in as many different types and colors as natural stone. From yellow to purple, from expressive and outspoken to almost plain. You really can’t put your finger on it. And the most amazing thing is that it comes right out of nature.

And as diverse as the colors are, so diverse are the qualities. Many people have the misconception that any natural stone needs a lot of care to stay beautiful. But that is far from true. There are certainly kinds you need to be more careful with. But there are just as many types that are incredibly hard and therefore very user-friendly.

Marble is by nature porous. This can cause them to stain. Of course, this is something that most people don’t like. But if you have ever been to an old canal house, you may know that it can add to its charm. Just think of the many beautiful floors and natural stone moldings in such buildings. Old and aged, it gives the house even more atmosphere than it already has.

Within marble, some types are harder than others. Because of this, there are also types that you can use perfectly well in your kitchen. Provided you take some care of it or can appreciate the vibrancy of the material.

If you prefer to stay away from that, you can still turn to natural stone. Granite and quartzite, for example, are very hard materials. This makes them very user-friendly. These materials also come in a variety of colors, so look around to see what’s available.

Natural stone is so diverse. There is actually always something in between that suits you!

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