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Luxury kitchen with natural materials

In this beautiful kitchen of exceptional size, you will find the luxury finishes and high-quality natural materials in countless elements. The dark color of the stained oak provides a good contrast to the light oak floor and the quartzite countertop. The long oak back wall is interrupted in a subtle way by adding slats and a fine coffee/wine niche. The slats also create a nice element of lines and give the design some joy. Because the entire kitchen is stained in a similar dark color, the kitchen maintains a pleasant calmness. The joyfulness of the design is also reflected in the curves. For example, you can find the rounding at the bar area of the kitchen in the countertop, but also the slats under this bar are semicircular so that everything is in connection. The kitchen continues into the rest of the interior on both sides. On one side a quiet workspace has been created and on the other side the kitchen continues into a TV cabinet, where you find the subtle rounding again. The details such as the subtle rounding, the integrated lighting and, of course, the natural stone on the island realized “in open book” create a beautiful coherence. The kitchen expresses a luxurious and warm feeling and because of its extraordinary size, you can really call this kitchen the ultimate living kitchen and the heart of the home. The place in the house where you like to get together for a delicious coffee or a good glass of wine.