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Quartzite is perhaps one of the least known types of natural stone. And that is such an awful shame! This is because quartzite is a hard and compact rock that is well heat, acid and scratch resistant. It has a long-term durability and sustainable properties. But besides being so very user-friendly, it also has the most amazing drawings. It’s as special as the most beautiful marbles and stronger than most granites. As far as we see it, a match made in heaven.

This type of natural stone, like any other, is unique. It offers something for everyone. It goes from neutral soft tones to just outspoken colorful designs. This makes it therefore applicable in any interior. The range of quartzite is somewhat smaller than marble, for example, but there is still plenty of choice.

It’s known for its elegant character and unique veining. Yet it has its own look, not comparable to other natural stones. For example, there are species that have a very crystalline look. Which can have quite a beautiful effect. It combines well with various materials. It also fits nicely with different styles. It gives a kitchen just that extra touch, creating a timeless and stylish look.

Quartzite is one of our favorite materials for a reason. With its good properties and unique look, it takes any design to the next level. And the great thing is also, you always know you have a unique piece. Not one slab is the same. That still makes your kitchen that little bit more special.

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