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Who doesn’t love wood? It adds warmth to many interiors and is therefore found in almost everyone’s home. And we understand why. It is a timeless material that fits seamlessly. With all its types and colors, it is perfect for any style.

It prevents a minimalist interior from becoming chilly. It gives a modern interior a warm twist. And in a classic home, of course, it belongs anyway.

And why do you think a bar is often made of wood? It’s warm, it’s inviting and cozy. And that’s exactly the feeling many people are looking for in their kitchens these days. You want people to feel at home at your place and you want friends to come over and have a wine at your kitchen island. With wood, you create exactly that feeling.

Those who fear of creating a 13-in-a-dozen kitchen by using wood can let go of their worries. Because it comes in so many shapes and forms. And its finish and processing allow you to combine endlessly. As a result, the end result will be anything but boring and predictable.

Take oak, for example. With its beautiful, natural color, it’s a timeless classic. With an untreated look, it gives a soft feel. Because of its light color, you can also finish it well in a darker finish. Which makes it perfect for an industrial or modern interior. Besides, it can look both calm and rustic. As a result, it lends itself to a very minimalist look, but just as well to a more outspoken finish.

Then there is walnut wood. This has a super beautiful, dark and warm color. It gives an incredibly luxurious feel and takes any interior to the next level. But if you give it a slightly darker finish, it will fit just as nicely into an understated look.

And of course there are numerous other types of wood. There really is something for everyone. So be surprised by what it can do for your interior!

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