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Refined Wooden Kitchen With Round Shapes

Warmth and peacefulness are the words that immediately come to mind about this beautiful houseboat. In the first place this is because of the location of the ark, but the oak wooden kitchen with refined round shapes reinforces this.

Through the beautiful windows in the house you feel the connection with nature. This feeling was allowed to continue inside. Therefore, the choice was made to use natural materials and soft shapes. A lot of wood was used, but in order not to make it too heavy, the cabinets were placed in niches. This keeps the kitchen light and fresh. Rounded shapes give the sophisticated oak kitchen a soft feel. There are a number of subtle ways to incorporate the organic shapes. For example, the island has rounded corners to begin with. Again, this is reflected in the corners of the niche near the sink and coffee corner. The natural stone worktop in quartzite has a rounded edge, which in turn has the same shape as the slats on the island and the handles. Even the shelves have rounded edges.

What gives extra peace of mind to the kitchen is the fact that all the appliances are incorporated out of sight. The Bora cooktop, for example, is beautifully recessed. This makes the classic kitchen feel disappear and it really becomes part of the interior. As the kitchen sits in the heart of the home, this is exactly why it’s extra beautiful. In the slats of the island, cabinets are hidden away from view in an invisible way. In this way, calmness is maintained, but all the space is still used. That the kitchen is beautiful is important, but of course the practicality should not be forgotten.

The beautiful bar is the first thing you encounter when you enter the home. This makes it easy to slide in. The bar runs around the island, so you can sit at it comfortably with several people. A perfect place to catch up after a long day.