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Stylish Walnut Kitchen With Eye-Catching Worktop

The fact that combining different types and colors of wood can mix well is proven once again in this kitchen. For example, the cool marble forms a wonderful contrast to the warm walnut wooden kitchen. Moreover, it goes exceptionally well with the dark stained oak wood.

The marble is a real eye-catcher with its pronounced markings. Because of the dark tones in the natural stone, both parts of the kitchen are connected. While the marble stands out beautifully against the warm walnut wood of the kitchen, it actually forms a subtle whole with the dark back wall. In other words, a matching picture.

This marble coffee niche provides a fresh break in the large dark cabinetry. The marble stands out and comes to life in this combination. Stainless steel ovens by Gaggenau lighten the wooden surface even more. Playing with the slatted structure and panels on the doors creates an interesting look that keeps you looking. Finally, there is the built-in wine refrigerator, a real icing on the cake. Overall, with all these aspects, the wall exudes a pure, luxurious feeling.

The walnut island and sink add warmth to the space. Contrasting this with the cool natural stone brings it out even more beautifully. Meanwhile, the markings in the marble subtly demand your attention without being garish. Because the different textures recur throughout the kitchen, peace is maintained. Like the design of the panels that are the same in both the wall and low sections. Again, the wooden slats of the large doors recur in under the bar of the island. This makes the pure, natural materials stand out even more. All in all, the kitchen has a luxurious look that invites for a fine evening of dining with friends and family.